Dozens march at Texas Capitol in Support of DREAM Act

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More than a hundred DREAM Act supports and lawmakers marched to the steps of the Texas State Capitol on Wednesday.

“They brought me here when I was four years old and we’ve been living in the Valley,” says Nahiely Garcia.

She says the DREAM Act changed her life.

“We’re students that want to get a higher education, that want to give back to our community, I want to give back to my community,” says Garcia.

But Garcia and the others here today worry recent legislation threatens the DREAM Act, originally approved in 2001.

Dallas ISD School Board President Miguel Solis says, “Don’t take the hope away from our students. What makes Texas great is that we provide hope and we provide ambition and we take care of our own and I would say keep the hope going.”

One of the bills protesters are speaking out against is House Bill 360, authored by Representative Mark Keough.

Rep. Keough says, “All that we want is fairness when it relates to those who are U.S. citizens.”

He wants students to show proof of citizenship or lawful residency in order to qualify for in-state tuition.

“We want people to come here, we want them to be educated when they come here but can’t we just do it legally? It’s not right, it’s not fair and I believe it’s morally wrong,” says Keough.

But Garcia says, “We have so many limitations as undocumented people, and they just wanna close the doors, everything shut.” By Lydia Pantazes

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